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C3S Group

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About Us

The Concrete Sustainability and Smart Structures (C3S) group is a research team based at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Our group is led by 2 professors at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the UPC, working together with 20 postdoctoral researchers and PhD students.


At the C3S group, we are fully dedicated to spearheading globally-oriented research efforts in the critical fields of sustainability of cement-based materials and structures and the digitalization and sensorizing of the built environment.

Our objective is to achieve full circularity of the concrete construction industry considering all three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental and social). Our aim is also to develop digitized and sensorized concrete structures so that our society can achieve rational and data-based decision making regarding our built environment.

As researchers, we employ a wide array of experimental, analytical and numerical methods and approaches to tackling these challenges. We pride ourselves with a strong international network, collaborating with stakeholders in industry, academia and public administrations.


The C3S group has a vision of reaching and remaining at the forefront of global efforts in concrete sustainability and smart structure research. We strive to make C3S as an open, diverse and inclusive environment for the growth of future leading researchers, entrepreneurs and policymakers in the construction industry.

Our Team

The C3S group is defined by its members: passionate about their work and making an impact!

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